Welcome to xvx.ca

This is the website of Adam Wolfe Gordon. I am a software developer living in Edmonton, AB. I have:

Things that live here

Android apps

Also available in the Play Store.


Some small things that might be useful to someone:


I used to have a blog here, but I didn't use it enough to justify keeping the blog infrastructure running. So, now I have notes.

Unmaintained code

In order from most- to least-recently maintained:

  • 6translator, a small daemon that allows IPv4-only servers to serve IPv6 clients.
  • linkbot, an IRC bot that collects links and an associated CGI script to display them.
  • Shift Scheduler, a Perl CGI script that allows volunteers to sign up for shifts at events.
  • iCal Events, a PHP script for parsing iCal files and displaying the events nicely. Includes a WordPress plugin.

What's xvx?

xvx.ca is a three-letter domain that was available when I registered it.